RE: [CR]Selling items on CR list.

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A good and astute buyer makes the transaction for the seller as easy as possible. Like, I'll paypal you immediately, overnite you a check, or wire you the money. Which would you prefer. Car dealers have a saying "buyers or liars"

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After some very positive suggestions by members and their views on selling items to list members, I have to ask have they , like myself been a victim of time wasters. I have always used the method of first come first served basis which has included putting on hold until any questions are dealt with. This does always not guaranty a sale and often left with the promsise to send the money which never arrives . In the meantime others still awaiting a week or so after the advert are left without any chance of knowing whether they are the lucky ones are not. In the event of a firm sale I always make a point of letting individual enquirers that the goods have been sold. Its good to know that the majority of transactions go through without any
hassle thank goodness!
Doug Smith
North Dorset