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Hello gang,

I think the patina thing is over rated on bikes. On wooden, fabric or leather objects; sun, time, oil, grease weather an item and make it look old; that's the Antiques Road Show Patina. These are generally on things that have "weathered " inside much of their lives away form the elements. Outside for long periods (over 100 years perhaps) these object would be known collectively as; drumroll please, "DUST."

On mechanical and transport objects (planes, boats, engines, trains, horseless carriages, and of course, bicycles) used outdoors regularly as is their original purpose they would rust and deteriorate if not maintained mechanically. With regular use as intended a schedule of regular repainting is regular maintenance on steel, aluminum, wood and even fiberglass. Neglecting this does not really make patina so much as it allows the object to rust, fade, bleach out or otherwise deteriorate until such time is is unusable.

How many collectible car shows feature rusty hulks or original paint? We I once saw Adam West's original Bat Mobile; covered in very non original velvet. Sure there are some original auto paint jobs around but most are on rarely used showboats acquired for just that purpose.

Quality Bicycles are often stored inside and original paint is found often on bikes in serviceable condition for many decades but rarely on bikes subject to daily use. Usually any quality bike used by any conscientious owner is regular cleaning and service removing dirt, oil, grease, rust and as fine a polish that can be conveniently performed is applied leaving little or no Patina. Repaint and restoration is regular maintenance and while an unused bike in a time capsule may certainly command more money that the same item "restored and repainted" but I would probably go for the a careful restoration myself and save the money and enjoy the finer new finish. To each his own.

The Antiques Road-show I think is a a very entertaining show for people with heirlooms in the attic. There apparently off the cuff appraisals are amazing but often sound like the highest of the high on the CR Ebay High Bid List. Selling price for the items I have seen between a willing buyer and seller might be quite a disappointment for the seller. Overall few collectors; even wealthy ones seem to pay top dollar for everything they want. They will however seize on bargains often in quality. That's why so many CR listers have so many "Valuable" bikes. I suspect we as a group have so many bikes as we generally know a bargain when we see it and there are so many out there.

See you at the cirque Friday,

Gilbert Anderson

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