Re: [CR]Hmmmm, I thinking... what a cool bike... never heard of it?!

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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 20:39:09 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Hmmmm, I thinking... what a cool bike... never heard of it?!

Chuck has had many, many contributions to the list over the years, but this post, with the picture, is one of his top posts, in my opinion. The daught er can care less about the bike, she is looking at the camera and Mom. Chuck can care less about he camera, he is looking at the bike. Priceless. Not

only a Mario Confente bike, but Mario Confente. Thanks Chuck. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL writes:

> Life changing moment seldom caught on film...
> Here's the exact moment that pretty much changed my life at 31 years 
> of age.
> Summer 1976, Griffith Park road race, Los Angeles California... my 
> wife Sherry is taking a picture of our six year old daughter Christa 
> as the three of us spectate the race.  I've been riding half a year, 
> lost around 25 pounds, wearing a cotton Cool Gear jersey and matching 
> hat (no helmet, nobody owned a helmet), nylon Kucharik Helanca 
> shorts, nylon Adidas Super Eddy Merckx shoes and riding a mink blue 
> '74 Raleigh Pro Mk. something or other with full Campy that I'm 
> pretty proud of.
> I'm glancing over at a white and yellow bike with a name I've never 
> heard of and the thing takes my breath away!  The closer I look, the 
> more amazing details there are to see!  I literally can't take my 
> eyes off the thing!  The decal says "Confente" and the guy bending 
> over to clean the gravel out of his cleats is a guy I've never even 
> heard of before, Mario Confente.

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