Re: [CR]Hmmmm, I thinking... what a cool bike... never heard of it?!

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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 20:45:23 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: [CR]Hmmmm, I thinking... what a cool bike... never heard of it?!
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"They" say that a picture is worth a thousand words but these wo rds you have just said are worth a thousand pictures to me...

Thanks f or the education.

Eric Meddaugh San Carlos, CA ---

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Hello All,

How can I forget the first time that I had seen a Confente cycle?

I stopped by Winning Wheels in Pacific Grove, Ca. That shop alwa ys had something enticing laying about. On this occasion there was a white and red cycle on the customer side of the counter. Hector Chavez was buildi ng a wheel as we were talking about Spence Wolfe and Cinellis. During the c onversation I was working on freeing up a Cinelli bivalent hub which had be en packed with Campagnolo grease that had solidified over the past decade o r so. As the conversation continued, I kept on glancing at the bike, Co nfente? Kinda sounds familiar. Then I remembered reading an obit in CYCLING afew years prior. I stopped twisting the axle on the Cinelli hub, it had b ecome free with the heat of my hands and persistence. I got closer to the b ike, the details... the incredible workmanship, it was a revelation.... I h ad never seen a bike as evocative as this. I inquired..... Confent e? Didn't he work for Masi?? I asked. Hector put his hand on the wh eel he was truing and stopped it. He sat in his chair for a moment, looking at something far off. He got out of his chair and walked up to me and into my personal space and said "HE WAS MASI!"

Regards, David Martinez Fremont Ca US of A working on a 1969 alfa berlina tod ay

Chuck Schmidt <> wrote: Life changing moment seldom caught on film...

Here's the exact moment that prett y much changed my life at 31 years of age.

Summer 1976, Griffith Pa rk road race, Los Angeles California... my wife Sherry is taking a pictu re of our six year old daughter Christa as the three of us spectate the race. I've been riding half a year, lost around 25 pounds, wearing a cot ton Cool Gear jersey and matching hat (no helmet, nobody owned a helmet) , nylon Kucharik Helanca shorts, nylon Adidas Super Eddy Merckx shoes an d riding a mink blue '74 Raleigh Pro Mk. something or other with full Ca mpy that I'm pretty proud of.

I'm glancing over at a white and yell ow bike with a name I've never heard of and the thing takes my breath aw ay! The closer I look, the more amazing details there are to see! I lite rally can't take my eyes off the thing! The decal says "Confente" and th e guy bending over to clean the gravel out of his cleats is a guy I've n ever even heard of before, Mario Confente.

Chuck Schmidt South Pa sadena, CA USA

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