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I'm not sure I remember Nashbar selling these particular frames, though it is possible. In addition to the inexpensive Japanese-built (and later, Taiwanese) bikes with their own name on them, Nashbar has sold many higher-end frames over the years. Occasionally one would see them in the catalogs -- like the Cinelli Super Corsas they were selling off cheaply a few years ago (did anybody on the list buy one of the NOS 80s vintage Vitus Aluminum frames they were blowing out for $175 two years ago?) -- but more often, you'd see them if you visited the warehouse store they operated at their headquarters in Youngstown. Anyhow, lots of good frames were sold through the discount catalogs like Nashbar and Performance (I think Performance now owns Nashbar). Back in the 80's I'll never forget drooling over the DeRosas, Eddy Merckxs, Pinaraellos and others that were regularly sold in the Performance catalog -- for what? maybe $500 at the most. Unfortunately at the time, I was a cash-poor high-school, later college student throughout the 80s, so they were still beyond my reach.

Anyhow, while I don't recall seeing these Gios frames in Nashbar -- I do know for certain that Excel Sports in Boulder has sold them in their catalog for years, and still has them right now for about $800 without the fork.

Kyle Brooks Akron, OH

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> I believe I remember the Gios with the adjustable rear dropouts being
> sold by NASHBAR in the late 80's.
> That's never a good sign. What went on leading to that?
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