RE: [CR]Ebay John Howard, or is it?

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Subject: RE: [CR]Ebay John Howard, or is it?
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 07:15:16 -0700
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I understand that KHS bought the rights to John Howard after both Daves made their runs. It looks like one of those. It's certainly not made by either of them.

Glenn Benveniste Oceanside, CA

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Other than a decal on a repainted frame, I question whether this is a John Howard frameset. The frames made by Dave Tesch don't have a pointy pump peg as he used a ball bearing and I don't recall whether Dave Moulton used a pump peg. I also thought the John Howard frames all had engraved seatstay caps.

Does anyone know? Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

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