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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 10:34:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]PX10 on ebay
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This is not a PX-10 as sold in the United States. You are correct that a PX-10 should have half-chromed stays. Also, a PX-10 would have had Ideale 90 or Brooks Pro rather than Ideale 80 and Stronglight 93 rather than Stronglight 49. Also, the forks do not have 531 decals.

HOWEVER, this bike is on French eBay, and the specs of high end Peugeots sold in Europe were often different from the equivalent models sold in America. The 531 decal does specify 531 DB main tubes, forks and stays. And I have encountered before mid-70's Peugeots, which this one is, with what were in fact 531 forks despite the lack of 531 fork decals. It is quite possible that a mid-80's PX-10 sold in France could have had Stronglight 49 cranks and an ideale 80 saddle and painted stays. For what it's worth, today the Model 49 typically sells on eBay for more than the Model 93, although the model 93 was more expensive in the mid 70's.

Also, all the other components are consistent with a PX-10, or the French-market version thereof. Atax/Philippe bars and stem, Simplex Criterium derailleurs and shifters, Mafac Competition brakes, Normandy Luxe Competition hubs, Maillard pedals, Stronglight Competition HS, badged chromed steel Simplex seatpost.

Remember that in the mid 70's the PX-10 was no longer top of the line. The PY-10 had just been introduced, with updated components including alloy Simplex SLJ derailleurs, Stromglight 105 cranks and Maillard 700 hubs. Overall, I'd be inclined to believe the sellers assertion that this was a French-spec PX-10, or at least the second model behind the PY-10 in France, even if with somewhat different specs from the PX-10 sold in the US.

IMHO, 200 Euros is cheap for this bike, although shipping to the US could make it much less attractive.


Jerry Moos, Big Spring, TX wrote: There is a PX10 on ebay, item number 320130388303

Can anyone confirm that this is actually a PX10? Reason I ask is that the rear end is not chromed and I thought it was the next lower model that had Stronglight 49D cranks. The tubing decal, if genuine, would certainly indicate PX10. The dirt around it could indicate that it has been there a while, or that it has been applied badly and more recently. Are there any other features that can positively identify this as a PX10 or not? Someone asked the lister the question, and got a long answer but I am not sure it is conclusive.

Hugh Thornton
Cheshire, England