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RE: SunTour vGT

I'll chime in here in complete agreement with Sheldon & Fred.

Back in the early 70's, after my (argh) Campy Valentino left me stranded, the LBS in New Orleans strongly recommended the vGT (for $9 USD if I remember correctly).

It was a flawless performer for the next 30k miles, at which point I passed it on to a friend who still uses the same rd to this day.

In my vintage passions I continue to use the vGT's performance as a reference as I tweak my Campy Rallys to try to achieve something near the same trouble-free level of rd performance.

The vGT continues to be THE rear derailleur I use on machines I build up for other friends who haven't been completely blinded by the emotional vintage Campagnolo option.

I've seen the vGT work extremely well with Regina, Suntour & Shimano freewheels (usually 13-32 - 5sp or 6sp), using Regina, Shimano and Union Frondenberg chains.

Tory Werne Woodstock, Georgia USA ----------------------

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> > What do you all think is the best on-topic touring > > rear der? > > > No competition: SunTour vGT.

Plus, they were so inexpensive, it was rediculous. Really, the cost savings measures they employed were brilliant - like using split drive pins for pivots. The derailleurs still functioned beautifully and were extremely durable.
      Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)