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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 11:48:48 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Vintage Bike Value, Historical Information

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> I don't know whether every single bit of information about bikes or
> anything else is likely to become available or is necessary. Certainly a good index
> with a listing of various models, their major features and variations could
> be put together.Pricing could be added to that.

I agree, a rough price guide added to a timeline-style listing of various models would be useful. I do feel however that detailed historical information is ultimately more useful and far more interesting, for the simple reason that for most of us, our interest does not lie in the investment value of our bikes (a moot point, as many of us plan to be buried with them) or how much to pay for a bike we are interested in adding to our collection (as many of us are far more likely to have our spending limits dictated by spouses than price lists).

On the other hand, think of how much enjoyment you derived from reading an interview with a favorite builder, or visiting the shop of a famous maker, or researching the race history of your favorite marque. These are the things that enrich our enjoyment of these machines, over and above riding them. These are the tidbits of information that deserve to be shared with fellow collectors, and they certainly deserve to be preserved in some way if there is to be a generation of collectors that follows us.

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA USA

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