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From: "Peter Koskinen" <peter@prkbikes.com>
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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 15:38:31 -0400
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Subject: [CR]Masi Order of Appearance


Eric Goforth wrote:
> I have a Billato Masi Gran Corsa, the tubing decal says Columbus Masi,
> any idea what kind of tubing it is? I think the Gran Corsa was one
> step above the Nuova Strada, or was it the other way around.
> Thinking that the order in the 80' was:
> Nuova Strada
> Gran Corsa
> Gran Criterium and the 3V were kind of equivalent but different at the
> top end of the range.
> Eric Goforth
> Durham, NC USA


When I was a Masi dealer in Ohio in the 80's, the Nuovo Strada was the entry level frame that sold for $275 (wholesale) and then came the Gran Criterium. The 3V were just being introduced. They were being built by Alberto Masi in Milan and the GC's were being built in California by Ted Kirkbride and his crew.

3V's and Gran Criteriums were never the same nor equivelent. I have owned several GC's and the last one was a real dawg (made from SLX) I have 2 3V's now and I will be selling one at the Cirque this weekend

See you all there!

Cheers, Peter Peter Reid Koskinen Chapel Hill, NC, 27516 USA