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Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 09:02:10 +0800
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I got sent a 2nd chance offer last week on a bike that I had bid on. 2 things triggered my curiosity; 1) the actual winner of the bike is someone I have also dealt with and know to be a serious collector - so I was curious that they hadn't completed the transaction. 2) the email didn't contain my name, only my user name. apart from that, it was identical, the actual item and listing number of the item I bid on. I sent it off to eBay's spoof detection and sure enough they confirmed it was bogus. It also contained a keystroke mapping virus, by which if I had clicked on the item, eBay would have naturally asked for my password but this would be captured by the virus worm, thus the scammer would have my password. My new version of Symantec also detected this. Eric's action is the correct one, only send confirmation emails via the eBay site.

The Golden Rule.......


I was probably only aware of these pitfalls due to a friend having his password stolen. Luckily he realized and changed his password before the baddies did. eBay is a great tool for us all but that also means we need to assist each other to ensure we don't get caught out by the scammers in it.

Anthony Kinder Perth, Western Australia

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i've bought a couple of things with 2nd chances. actually one of my last purchases recently was a "second chance". what i do is confirm with the seller by sending an email thru ebay, that they have indeed offered a 'second chance offer' to me. i do this thru the ebay sight, and not thru the

email notice. i figure an email notice could've been sent from anywhere/anyone and replying goes back to there. once i get a confirmation, then if i'm really interested, I click the BIN(which is standard for ebay 2nd chances).

Eric Acuna
Santa Rosa, CA