RE: [CR]Report from Greensboro - I Almost Died! (slightly OT)

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Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 20:03:31 -0400

I just arrived in Greensboro -- my first time here. Drove around a little to see what's what and what's where. Wish I could have gotten here in time for some of the kick-off activities - but hope to catch the ride on Sat. morning - then the seminars and more.

But I almost didn't make it at all! Before leaving from Ohio, I had my car in the shop to check on my noisy brakes. They replaced the pads, dressed up the discs - and I was ready to go. Or so I thought. About 1/2 way here, I started noticing some noise coming from the back end of my car (Loaded up with bikes, of course). The noise was intermittent at first, but got steadier, and continued to get louder until it became clear something was wrong, so I figured I needed to pull off the freeway to check it out. As I started pulling off the highway, the noise got almost deafening, car started to vibrate and shimmy -- but I pulled off safely. Got out and looked -- and one of my lug-nuts had completely sheared off, and the other four weren't even "finger tight" -- I could turn them with my fingers, and they couldn't have been engaged by more than 3 threads. One had been cross threaded, so it was completely stripped. Bastards hadn't tightened the lugs when they put my wheels back on after the brake job. I tightened up the 3 good ones, then limped off to the next exit on the shoulder with hazard lights flashing. A little muffler shop was able to get me back on the road safely -- THANKS GUYS!

So I'm just really glad to be here! And I hope to meet some of you guys on the list in person!

Kyle Brooks on hiatus from Akron, OH
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> Quick report from Greensboro.? Arrivals for Cirque seemed a little slow mid-afternoon Thursday compared to previous years, but by late evening, the usual suspects were mostly here.? Dale's shop was a hubbub of afternoon activity.? Gianni Pergolizzi and his elves were getting things ready for the auction.? Later, about 25 folks met at Brixx, the pizza joint within walking distance of the Battleground Inn.? Service was just slow enough to make conversation interesting--in other words, we weren't rushed.? Between the beer at Brixx and wine at the Battleground Inn, the group was very "animated" by 10 PM in the lobby and parking lot.? Good bike talk and nice to see friends.? I would say nice to see "old" friends, but then people may be offended, even though most of them are "old".? Lou Deeter, reporting from Greensboro NC USA, temporarily displaced from Orlando FL.