RE: [CR]Kool Gear-History?

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From: "Steven M. Johnson" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2007 01:57:03 GMT
Subject: RE: [CR]Kool Gear-History?

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In 1997 at the Peanut Ride in VA, I saw a guy with wife and child wearing a Cool Gear wool jersey. I asked him if he was on the team, and he said he was.

Steven Johnson, Shiloh, IL

-- "Mark Bulgier" wrote:

I'm pretty sure it was spelled "Cool Gear!", including the exclamation mark. They co-sponsored an amateur team with Exxon that included John Howard and both of the Stetinas in the late 70s.

Weren't they the ones that called their seat "The Seat", their handlebar

tape "The Tape" etc? They may have been the ones who inflicted the clear-plastic frame pump on us too unless I'm getting them confused with

someone else.

The saddles, with tubular-steel rails (instead of solid like everyone else up until the 90s), mostly broke, but I still have one. They also had the novel feature that the plastic body of the saddle could come off

the rails very easily (when you least expected it!) but was much harder to put back on.

Mark Bulgier Seattle WA USA

Gary Watts wrote:
> I'm sure many of us remember the Kool Gear items in the 1970's.
> I had a jersey I like (yellow with red center band) and also use
> their seat for a while. Novel concepts but they appear to be
> long gone. Searches on the search engines didn't turn up
> anything. Anyone know the history and who was involved, and
> when they dissappeared? _______________________________________________

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