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Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:06:08 -0400
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Dear CR Bicycle listees, After reading Ken Toda's post this morning,I would like to echo Ken's comment that this event,THE CIRUQE, has grown from a baby to a young adult entering higer education ("college"). I've made it to seven Cirque's in a row,two with Wayne Bingham,two with Dan Artley,and for the last three years with my wife,Kathleen Moody. We have all enjoyed attending the event and going to Greensboro,for the "Southern Hospitality",of all the locals and especially our gracious host, Dale Brown. There has been a trend of more wives attending Cirque and I hope the trend will continue with Cirque 2008.

The 2007 Cirque had wonderful speakers and seminars.The Saturday "long ride" was EXTREMELY WELL organized and the ride leaders really did a GREAT JOB,getting many levels of riders down the road and safely back to Cycles de Oro! Thanks to all you ride leaders on Saturday!

The Saturday apres le bicycling event was: Seminars* Presentations by leading vintage and traditional cycling experts. Hilary Stone, Bristol England Darrell McCulloch of Llewllyn Frames, Australia. Alexander Von Tutschek, Bath England Sasha White of Vanilla Cycles, Portland, Oregon Hilary,Darrell,Alexander and Sasha all gave us something with their lecture/slide shows to take away from the event - knowledge! The talks were all very good. Thanks guys for providing us with all your insights into the vintage bicycle world.

Brett Horton spoke at the Saturday banquet and received the "Mike Richardson" award for contributions to the hobby of vintage lightweights & keeper of the flame bicycles.

Classic Rendezvous Vintage Bicycle Award This cup is awarded annually to recognize the person who has given generously of their time and talent in order to further our hobby. It is also a chance to remember our friend Mike Richardson who we lost in 2002.

Brett entertained us at the banquet with some of his latest bicycle jerseys and a slide presentation of a bicycle project of five keeper of the flame,bicycles built with steel and modern componentry. The builders were in alphabetically order: Ron Cooper,Darrell McCulloch,Dario Pegoretti,Richard Sachs and Sasha White. We saw a slide show of these five fine new bicycles.Three of the five builders were at the banquet.Darrell,Richard and Sasha.

There was plenty of food and drink at this year's banquet and we all headed back to the Battleground Inn for more camaraderie.

Thank you Dale for organizing the CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS LIST,where it all began......and for bringing to fruition the live event we now call "THE CIRQUE".

Like Harvey Sachs says, it is a bit of a let down after the Swap Meet, Hand built & Vintage Bicycle Show.Packing it all up and heading down the road with all the swag!

BUT HEY,THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR. I JUST MADE RESERVATIONS AT THE HOTEL IN LEESBURG,VIRGINIA,for the LE CIRQUE du CYCLISME 2008 PLEASE PHONE 703 777-9400 Event will be June 6,7th & 8th,2008. Please reserve now so we will have many rooms reserved at the event. Tell them you are booking for THE CIRQUE to get the event room rate of $115.00 They have non-smoking rooms,with either one king or two queen size beds. Drinking is allowed on the premises in a cup or container :) BUT no open containers. If you have any more questions Wayne Bingham will be running Cirque 2008.

I had a wonderful time and took very few photos, I was too busy talking and enjoying all the good CR folks. We hope to see more new faces at the 2008 event in Leesburg,Va.,USA Yours truly, Marty Walsh in VIENNA,VA. U.S.A. P.S. DALE WE SURE ARE GOING TO MISS GREENSBORO!!! It was like coming home!