RE: [CR]ebay dealings with mr. dura-ace/don early

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Subject: RE: [CR]ebay dealings with mr. dura-ace/don early
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 09:05:36 -0700
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Thread-Topic: [CR]ebay dealings with mr. dura-ace/don early
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From: "George Argiris" <>
To: "Narasimham Chanberasekaran" <>, <>

If I can't pronounce the name I don't deal with. My little rule of thumb

georgeargiris sandiego,ca

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The sad man's user id is mr dura-ace........mainly peddling modern dura ace gear

On 6/12/07, bruce thomson <> wrote:
> What is the eBay user I.D.OF THE SELLER?
> *Narasimham Chanberasekaran <>* wrote:
> Anyone have any dealings with this guy? In an effort to bring life
> back to an older schwinn paramount, I bought a supposedly new DA
> crankset and its obviously used and quite buggered Now he won't return
> my emails and was a downright prick (excuse my punjabi)....any clues
> anyone?
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> Narasimham Chanberasekaran,
> Saxis, VA

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Narasimham Chanberasekaran,
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