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Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 13:08:28 -0600

I have a 1973 P-13 in white with black decals. Chrome was an option for me for just a few dollars more. A number of chrome P-13's came through at that time.

I worked at a Schwinn store in Milw., WI and drove down to Chiago to pick my bike up. I got all the options except the Campagnolo mistake!

Andy Bohlmann
Colorado Springs, CO

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Subject: [CR]Paramount questions

> It was just asked about chrome on a Paramount that was not listed in that
> year's catalogs. I would not swear to chrome, but there is no real reason
> to believe it was not produced in '73 and I believe I have seen at least
> one
> other chrome one from that year. It was quite common for them to appear
> in
> colors that were not listed in any given year.
> It seems that they would give folks pretty much what they wanted if they
> could. Certainly dating one from the components is not possible in any
> precise way either...Schwinn stockpiled huge amounts of parts and used the
> same stockpiles for years.
> As is often the case a new rider of a chrome Paramount is a bit surprised
> by
> the ride...I do believe they ride better. There are rumors of one special
> person building the chrome ones and doing a better job, but I don't know
> if
> this a proven thing or not...there are more urban myths about Paramounts
> than there are about one handed escaped sex offenders with a hook hand
> that
> turns up hanging all over. I think all this stuff is just adding to the
> fun
> and certainly the confusion of trying to figure out what went on at
> Paramount.
> I like them and think they are I collect them.
> Tom Sanders
> Seriously thinking of making his Chrome Paramount a drillium fantasy
> (purely
> for fun! Can I get an "Amen!" for fun?) in Lansing, Mi USA