[CR]The MAASi bike at Cirque

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Subject: [CR]The MAASi bike at Cirque

I have a couple of pictures of The MAASI or is it the MAASL?  Send me a n email and I'll send them to you.  Or, if someone wants to post them o n a link, I can send the two pictures that I have to them for all to see.   My hat is off to Steven Maasland for "finding" this rare bike.  I'll leave it to him to tell the story.  Regardless, the pantographing is first rate and I hope that whoever did it finds a market for their wares here in the states.  Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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...unfortunately,i couldnt make it to le cirque.if anyone could lemme kn w about the MAASi bike.Impression?opinions?ehm.......lemme see,who could give me a quick report...uhm,err..Charles...Charles ANdrews,you a good k d,i dealt with you in the past.cmon,holla at your boy,let me and the lis know what you think about Falieros secret son's work. Matteo "inquiring minds wants to know"brandi FIrenze Italy

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