Re: [CR]Nagasawa Serial Numbers

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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 16:52:45 -0700
From: "galen pewtherer" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Nagasawa Serial Numbers
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Not sure if this will help or hurt, but my Nagasawa-built Team Shimano track bike (a few pics here: is simply stamped 14 on the bb shell.

galen pewtherer san francisco, ca usa

On 6/13/07, Edward Albert <> wrote:
> Mike,
> I have a Nagasawa Kirin bike with the serial #8208. Richie Sachs
> dated it to 1982. Seems the first two numbers are the date. He also
> looked at pics of the bike which seemed to confirm this assesment.
> Remember, early ones have regular fork and rear drop out ends and not
> the "plug" lugs (not sure the correct name is for this style).
> Best,
> Eddie Albert
> Chappaqua, NY, U.S.A.
> >>> "" <> 06/13/07 5:01 PM >>>
> Hello All,
> Just wondering if anyone out there knows if there is some sort of sequen
> ce to Nagasawa serial numbers. I am trying to date a Nagasawa which may
> be from the late 70s.


> Thanks!

> Mike Short,

> Austin TX.