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Subject: RE: [CR]de rosa on ebay
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 13:07:26 -0500
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Personally, I think the auction is fake. Some sort of monkey business going on here, like an insurance scam or something.

Doland Cheung SoCal

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I don't usually get into these discussions, generally thinking that the market is set by those willing to pay the price, and that what people choose to pay is their prerogative and shouldn't be disparaged or second-guessed by others. This case though, seems to be stretching rational boundaries, unless I'm missing something (surely possible) or am really out of touch with the market (don't think I can be THAT out of touch).

On the other hand, maybe I am really out of touch, and the track bike market is really that hot. If that De Rosa is worth $5k, then my Telavio ( html) ought to be worth double that. Maybe it's time to start selling off.


Wayne Bingham Lovettsville VA USA

>>>>ok, this is completely irrational:

This De Rosa sold realllllllly fast.
>> (not mine although I have one)
>> Cheers from hot Huntington Beach, CA, USA Tam Pham

isn't this completely irrational? An 80s De Rosa track bike, no special parts, not in very good shape. Did the buyer understand what he/she was buying?

I am utterly gobsmacked by this one. I'd sure like to know how it is that both seller, and buyer, thought this thing was worth 5K. Because, from where I sit, it was worth a grand, if that.

Sometimes this little world of ours is totally weird.

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