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I was on Antiques Roadshow FYI around two years ago. I covered the pre 1910 stuff, focus was highwheel and earlier, they shot us riding in a parade and then interviewed me for about an 10 minute clip total. The show was a spinoff of the original, and they were doing special interest stuff and following up on things that had been discovered on the original Roadshow.

Vin at Menomoy Vintage Bicycles also did a clip that was shown in a later episode. I know he had 30's stuff through Schwinn Crates, I don't know if he covered vintage lightweights. I think lightweights on their own would be too narrow of a category for many people to find interesting for the show to consider it, but who knows?

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Jerry Moos mentioned Antiques Roadshow with regard to the preference of original finish on other collectibles. As a regular watcher, I don't recall ever seeing KOF bikes shown. Does anyone know if any have been featured, and who the experts would have been to discuss and place values on the bikes.
>From reading CR there are many interesting stories about KOF bikes, their builders, and their owners, with documented provenance and historical material, that would be of general interest to viewers of Antiques Roadshow.

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