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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 14:18:17 -0700
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The following is an email I received from Morgan Fletcher in March of this year.

At 12:06 PM -0700 3/29/07, Morgan Fletcher wrote:
>Hello. Well, http://wooljersey.com/gallery has
>had some rough seas lately. Hopefully it hasn't
>been too bad. I've had to move servers and I'm
>still in the process of moving some other
>domains. It's rough. I'm paying for the site out
>of pocket so any donations are appreciated.
>Wooljersey used to be carried by some other
>small domains that paid for everything else, but
>no longer. I need to get some google adwords
>going. I'm at paypal@hahaha.org. Sorry to
>hustle, and no this isn't for you Dennis.
>The site recently got spammed up the ying yang
>with comments. I think I've destroyed ALL
>comments, both good and bad. Sorry if this is
>painful for you but there was no way I could go
>through and tweeze out all the bad ones, keeping
>only good. The good news is that an upgrade of
>the gallery software (2.1.2 to 2.2.1) should
>help prevent security exploits like the
>automated spam commenting, and I've also
>required all comments to go through one of those
>'type in the letters in the graphic' exercises.
>Let's hope this fixes it.
>There are some new features in the sidebar, like
>most popular photos, most recent photos, etc.
>New themes too. Please play around and give me
>feedback. It looks like I may have inadvertantly
>changed the theme for some users. If so, please
>change it to whichever one you like.
>There was a bug where I registered a bunch of
>new people, who never got their registration
>notices with login and password info, and so
>can't use the site. Additionally, people who
>tried to get their forgotten password mailed to
>them also failed to receive anything. I believe
>I've fixed this problem. If you fall into the
>former group can you please email me? If you
>fall into the latter group please try again. You
>should get an email with a URL where you can
>reset your password. If for some reason you
>can't remember your username, email me and I'll
>try to help.
>If you are having any trouble with the site or
>need help, please send me an email. I'm kinda
>overwhelmed at the moment with server stuff,
>work, life, bike racing so I might not reply
>Please don't call about wooljersey stuff. I hate
>talking on the phone and I will come off like a
>complete jerk if we do talk. :) Email is best.
>Yes, I am a hermit-like computer operator that
>lives in a cubicle and has no social skills.
>If you are no longer using your account, never
>used your account or just want your account
>deleted, let me know.
>OK, ride your bikes, post cool pics, let me know
>if you need help with the site. Enjoy!
>Morgan Fletcher
>Oakland, CA

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>Hello listmembers
>Kyle Brooks of Akron, Ohio wrote ".. I'm trying to get an account on
>WoolJersey to post the pictures, but it doesn't seem to be working. I got a
>message saying my registration was
>complete, but it won't let me log in. So I might need to try something
>else. But I will have some pictures up SOMEWHERE..."
>So will I. I¥ve made several futile attempts to get in contact with Mr
>Fletcher of Wool Jersey but it does¥nt seem to work. I have tried this
>because I have many photos, both on and off topic, that I think would sit
>perfectly in the Gallery and that I am sure many of you would like to see.
>Do you have suggestions of another place to post bike pictures? Or perhaps
>how to get a response from Mr Fletcher?
>Michele Francesconi
>V”rmd– Sweden