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Subject: Re: [CR]Mike Kone RH announcement - some Details!!!
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 08:52:27 -0400


Who says that won't be in the master plan. There was certainly concerned talk about this and welded aluminum mountain bikes from China

at modest prices! And I do mean concerned talk.

But seriously I can think of no individual with the knowledge, passion

and desire I'd rather have involved in this project than Mike Kone. Mark Nobillette is a superb builder with the kind of attention to detail that is often overlooked as he quietly works out of the limelight in his Colorado workshop.

I look forward to the time when my René Herse has new siblings.

<<Bummer! I was really looking forward to $250 made-in-China R.H. aluminum hybrids, painted to look like carbon fiber... ;-)

Best of luck, Mike!

Sheldon "Affordability" Brown>> --

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