Re: [CR]Avocet/Ofmega Triple inner ring?

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From: "Steven M. Johnson" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 02:34:00 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Avocet/Ofmega Triple inner ring?


I have owned several of these, and we sold several of them in a shop I worked at in the 80s.

The outer BCD for these arms was 144mm, just like Campy at the time. They made double arms came with no drillings for triples. Triples had two sets of threaded holes in the spider.

I finally found the bike I had with the last Avocet crankset I have (triple). Could not find my calipers, so with a spoke ruler came up with 60mm, and 42mm hole to hole (not too accurate). The 42mm is the really 43.5mm for the 74mm BCD. All of the triples we sold with the inner ring used the 74mm BCD.

The inner ring used spacers with a tapered or cone shaped spacer, and long chain ring philips head screw. Over the years I have set mine up with standard 74mm BCD rings.

Without the original spacers, it would not be easy to set them up as a triple.

Steven Johnson, Shiloh, IL


-- Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:

That's right. I would use the 74 BCD. Was 102 BCD a standard size or is this unique to Ofmega? What size is the inner ring on a Campy NR triple? BTW, anyone know if the triple was an Ofmega design or if they did it at the request of Avocet who maybe saw a markert for it in the US ?

Bill Talbot <> wrote: The Avocet Triple actually has two different BCD patterns for the third (inner) chainring. The outer two rings are of course 144bcd (41t min). Then the choices for the inner ring are 102bcd (32t min, only?) and 74bcd (24t min). This is a very well made and versatile crankset.