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I can't put my hands on my Raleigh Catalogue of the time frame, but AVA non-ferruled rings a bell. The better models had ferrules/cups while the lower priced models like the Competition had non-ferruled rims with the washers under the nipple heads for added reinforcment. How many of you remember the older rims having bulges at the nipples (don't get carried away boys, it's bike lingo regarding CYCLING equipment). The older rims were softer and they bulged and eventually cracked when
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> At 8:52 PM -0400 6/17/07, David Bean wrote:
>>The catalog that contains Sheldon's scan lists the wheels as "Sprint
>>rims with Normandy Competition large flange hubs.
> That's not too helpful, unfortunately.
> "Sprint" is a generic British term for a tubular rim. They're all
> "alloy."
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