re: [CR]Hinged or easy off brake levers, Brits... help please.

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Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 12:57:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: "tarik saleh" <>
Subject: re: [CR]Hinged or easy off brake levers, Brits... help please.

Harry Schwartzman wrote:

>I have read accounts of British racers who would ride their track
>bikes to the track with a front brake. They would then remove the
>brake to race. The brake just screws off from the rear nut but the
>levers? Presumably, their bars were taped.
>I'm currently trying to put a front brake on my 50's Frejus track
>and would like to put an older brake lever on the Ambrosio bars and
>am searching for a period correct or slightly later hinged brake
>lever or some other sort of easy-off lever. Does anyone have any
>ideas (perhaps a known easy to remove clamp?). I tried a hinged BMX
>lever and the diameter is all wrong. I could file it more open but
>my time is limited. I tried an old Royal Grand Compe lever (pretty!)
>but I couldn't get the clamp around the bar without unwrapping the
>tape. I would rather not use today's in-line 'suicide' levers
>(although they would work and I'll do it if I have to) """


I think the hinged cross lever is your best bet for something that actually works. A cross lever does not equal a suicide lever in performance. Period correct is probably not a great idea. I am pretty sure they used touring levers (the three speed levers) which deform easily to take on and off without untaping, but don;t work great.

I used to ride to work on my track bike and get a car ride down to the track with a friend after work. I would have a set of flat bars on a quill stem with a mtb brake and caliper for the commute. I would carry my track bar and stem on the outside of my messenger bag. When I got to the track I would undo the quill and the caliper and put in the track bar/quill and ride until my lungs burned in the cruddy San Jose air.

Good luck.


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