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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 05:50:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: bruce thomson <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Super Champion Rims
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I am by no means the lightest rider in the world but by no means a fatty that is a wannabe rider. Years ago approximately 80% of my bicycle maintenance was in the rear wheel. Out of true, broken spokes, bent axles., etc. I switched to a set or wheels from a bike I bought for resale. The hubs are Campy high-flange and the rims are Super Champion Model 81 Gentleman rims. Many hundreds of miles of trouble free miles. Watch out for over tensioning. I have bought used SC rims and there have been cracks at the rim holes. Has anyone else seen this? Is it just the SC rims or others too.?

Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <> wrote: Super Champion were the preeminent French rim in the late 60's and early 70's, although later Mavic would eclipse them and Super Champion would be acquired by Wolber. All the PX-10's I saw in the Cleveland, OH area in the early 70's had Super Champion Arc en Ciel rims, although guys in other parts of the US recall PX-10's with Mavic.

The rims were considered a little soft, meaning they were easy to true, but might not stay true as long as some others. Personally, I'll tension old wheels to 90 to 100 Kg if the spokes seem in good shape and if I can keep the tension reasonably uniform in the process.


Jerry Moos

CHRYSTLER JEFFREY wrote: Anyone out there have wheelbuilding experience with Super Champion rims? I have a set on my recently acquired Jack Taylor (36 spoke 3 cross 14/15 gage DB) and the spoke tension seems low to me.(around 70 kgf). Should I try bringing the tension up on a 30-year-old wheelset or should I let the sleeping dog lie?? Also, what is the reputation of these rims? This is my first experience with them and I don't know what to expect. Thanks! Jeff Chrystler South Bend, Indiana

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