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To: Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 13:47:16 -0400
From: t2moseman@juno.com
Subject: [CR]Question

I have a question about listing two of the Miyata bicycles that I own and am interested in selling. In 1989 Miyata celebrated their 100th anniversary and to celebrate they issued a signed and numbered limited edition (1-100) road and (1-100) mountain bicycle. I am inquiring about listing them with a fixed asking price on the CR list. While they do not fit in the pre 1983 category they are certainly bicycled of interest due to uniqueness. I can provide photos if needed.

The Miyata road bicycle I have is a 60cm carbon (7 tubes) bonded frame with gold plated lugs, fork crown and drop outs. The road bicycle is full Dura Ace equipped. It is number 3 of 100 and signed by Hideo Miyata.

The Miyata mountain bicycles I have are an 18" and a 20 " carbon fiber (3 main tubes) bonded with gold plated lugs and drop outs. These bicycles are both Deore equipped. They are numbered 10 & 12 of 100 and signed by Hideo Miyata.

These bicycles are all original and in excellent condition with very low usage.

Rodney Moseman