Re: [CR]Pin striping/lug lining paint tool

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Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2007 08:46:56 -0700
From: Rich Pinder <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Pin striping/lug lining paint tool
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Re the Beugler - looks like $103 to get started with their basic set (which they call the 'deluxe kit' ) - price goes up from there. Looks interesting though. Website :

Brian also described a tool to me, but I've never been able to search one up.

Regarding LINING: I recently needed one for lining (not pinstriping), and finally settled to take a Testors 'Paint Marker', in gold color, and a sharp one sided razor blade... and trimmed the felt tip down to a very small point and went with it: This is similar to earlier post. I tried a LOT of markers with poor results before using this Testors pen. Viscosity of the enamel seem to differ between colors - I took the exact same steps as above

NOTE.. both solutions, to me, are not ideal because of the thickness of the 'body'... so close to the tips. So, underneath the bottom lug on the head tube.... it got a bit difficult to control the pen.

Take care rich pinder van Nuys, CA

Art Link wrote:
> The pin striping tool is made by Beugler (please Google ) and comes with magnetic guides for straight lines and a variety of line width "roller" wheels.
>> Do I recall someone...perhaps Brian Baylis...telling me there is an
>> inexpensive tool to do pin striping and lug lining with that perhaps even a
>> klutz like myself could use with good results? Seems like I heard this at
>> Cirque.
>> If anyone knows, or has experience with such an item would you share your
>> knowledge with us or drop me a line off list if you prefer? I'd sure love
>> to have such a device...
> I've seen good results with a paint pen.