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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 17:24:14 -0500
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I have personally seen (and/or owned) Type 1 Campag Super Record rear ders dated as early as 1973 and as late as 1984! On each one of these, I had absolutely no question that it was factory and original. I have always thought that the earliest Super Record components came on the scene in 1973, because I have never seen a rear der dated earlier than 1973.

I was particularly surprised when I saw (and bought) one each of 1983 and 1984 type 1 SR rears in perfect, NOS condition with boxes. I acquired these at a swap meet in Tokyo. Neither one had the CPSC black plastic thing on the adjuster screws.

John Barron


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Not too long ago there was a 1972 Type 1 Super Record derailleur on ebay. I have seen both Type 1 and Type 2 in 1978 and one Type 1 1979.

Karen Rawls

Winchester VA


from Chuck Schmidt


date Jul 4, 2007 4:43 PM

subject [CR]Type 2 Campagnolo Super Record rear derailleur date

What follows is all idle conjecture on my part so take it for what it is worth...

I'm guessing that the top part of the derailleur that is dated, the one that's black anodized and IDENTICAL on both the Type 1 Super Record derailleur (similar to Nuovo Record) and the later Type 2 (modernized with script logo, no checkering texture, different pulley cage), might not EXACTLY reflect the year of manufacture in ALL cases (most, but not all).

That part would be cast, stamped with the date and then anodized and put in the parts bin. It is not unimaginable that a worker would then assemble a Type 2 Super Record derailleur with an older dated top piece still in the bin.

There are more than a few Type 1 and Type 2 derailleurs using the "PAT. 77" top piece, which could indicate that 1977 is the intro date for the Type 2, but it could also mean that the Type 2 was assembled in 1978 with the "PAT. 77" top.

The year 1978 was a year of lots of changes in the Super Record product line: from the Timeline...

1978 - C.P.S.C. (Consumer Product Safety Commission) mandates changes to NR/SR. Included are a front derailleur lip, 2.5 mm increase in spacing between crank spider and arm to clear the front derailleur lip with corresponding increase in bottom bracket axle length, a curved quick release lever and ball-end added to quick release conical adjuster, dome-shape added to quick release cam lever on brake calipers, plastic covering added to the wheel guides on the brake shoes, and plastic safety-shields added to rear derailleur screws. The word "Patent" is changed to "Brev." on the chainring, chainring bolts and crank dust cap. Tullio Campagnolo is bestowed with the Stella D'Oro (Golden Star) award by the C.O.N.I. (Italian National Olympic organization) for his contributions to sport.

1978 - Catalog #17a Supplement is printed for the year-end trade shows.

Included are a revised Super Record derailleur with script logo and different cage geometry (28 tooth capacity), single bolt Nuovo Super Record seat post, Record front derailleur with four holes in cage (later to be three holes), straight-band clamp (later to revert to traditional pointed-band clamp), short Nuovo Record dropouts without eyelets (drilled and tapped for chain holder), chain holder

(Portacatena) with accompanying control lever and trigger, and fixing shoe plate for pedals. Gran Sport front derailleur (Record-style plain cage with lip stamped with Globe logo), Gran Sport crank (flat bottom fluting, 170mm length), Gran Sport pedal (stamped steel races and engraved "Gran Sport" on barrel), Gran Sport brakeset (different adjuster and engraved "Gran Sport" on caliper; black brake hoods with Globe logo). Nuovo Valentino front derailleur (flat arms, Record- style plain cage with lip, stamped with Winged QR logo).

I remember the Type 2 being available in 1979 (Bikcology catalog "New for '79") and I believe a "PAT. 76" Type 2 Super Record rear derailleur was assembled from earlier parts by the factory and was not actually made (assembled) in 1976.

Anyone else have thoughts?

Chuck Schmidt

South Pasadena, CA USA (reprints, t-shirts & timelines)

On Jul 4, 2007, at 4:40 AM, Hilary Stone wrote:

> There's plenty else of interest amongst the frames including a fairly
> Stallard but the highlight for me amongst the parts is a Campagnolo
> Super Record type 2 rear gear dated 1976... We have seen and heard of
> type 1 SR rear gears from 1977 and 1978 and a type 2 from 1977 but a
> type 2 as early as 1976 is not something even I thought existed. It
> does show that Campag were producing both types of SR rear gear for
> quite a considerable period of time. If they did that for the SR rear
> gear can we ever really establish a sequential timeline for any Campy
> component with any certainty?