Re: [CR]1983 Suntour Symmetric levers

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Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 17:12:11 +1200
Subject: Re: [CR]1983 Suntour Symmetric levers
From: Wayne Davidson <>
To: Bianca Pratorius <>, <>
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Hi all, I had a set of these on my Shogun many years ago, worked quite fine with me.........regards wayne davidson Invers NZ.........

on 6/7/07 9:50 AM, Bianca Pratorius at wrote:
> Sheldon Brown states in his web site that the 1983 Suntour Symmetric
> levers had a serious flaw. He said that the movement of the rear lever
> would cause the front lever to tighten, thereby pushing the front cage
> closer to the big chainwheel and thereby eliminating chain rub. He then
> stated that the flaw was that by constantly going up and down in the
> rear, it would eventually cause the front derailleur to progess too far
> and thereby causing a new problem. I finally obtained one of these nice
> old shifters. I don't have a single bike that doesn't have side braze
> ons for the levers, so I haven't verified what he said ...BUT from my
> bench top view of things it does look like the levers do not have this
> flaw. Instead of rotating the front lever around, the internal cam
> pushes the lever forward in the housing. As you move the rear lever
> back and forth it appears that the other lever perfectly returns to the
> exact same position as before. I think I have this right and it is just
> possible that Sheldon is in error.
> Offered in humble questioning. Both Suntour and Sheldon are my
> heros.... Garth Libre in Miami Fl USA