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Subject: Fwd: [CR]Peugeot Mixte - brake lever question
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> Date: July 6, 2007 9:56:23 PM EDT (CA)
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> Subject: Re: [CR]Peugeot Mixte - brake lever question
> Roman,
> The plastic brake levers will be fine, and they do look the part on
> these bikes. I've got three women in my life - (one wife and two
> daughters...) and all three of them have Peugeot Mixte frame
> bikes. If the bikes are fitted with Mafac brakes, and particularly
> if the rear brake cable follows a straight line (rear brakes are
> fitted on the diagonal tubes instead of the seat stays), the brake
> force is light enough not to be an issue with damaging the levers.
> Must be a sad case, really, as the whole family have old Peugeots
> all painted team white for the Sunday go-to-church rides. Two of
> the bikes (one boys, and one girls) are 24" wheel kids bikes built
> out of a pair of derelict baby racers. The kids have out grown
> them, but they look too good to sell for the kind of money they
> would get on Ebay. If I can remember how to do it, I'll post some
> images on a jpeg hosting site.
> Not everyone can afford a Chapron Citroen (or a Rene Herse), but a
> 2CV style has Paris chic style and so it is with these old Peugeots.
> Salute,
> Larry Strung
> On 6-Jul-07, at 8:07 PM, Roman Stankus wrote:
>> Well - it must be something in the water - I just bought my wife
>> one of
>> these from an Atlanta Craiglist add. It looks to be an early 70's
>> model -
>> equipped with stuff ala the UO-8 except that someone put a suntour
>> rear
>> derailleur on it to replace the simplex - and no problem with
>> that. This
>> one has fenders with integrated lights and generator, rear rack,
>> and swept
>> back handlebars. Paint is in pretty good condition will need some
>> touch-up.
>> This will be a ride to the corner store kind of bike - it's an
>> anchor, but
>> with some style.
>> Here's my question - it has mafac CP breaks with tough white
>> plastic levers.
>> I am concerned about the longevity of this type of lever and am
>> inclined to
>> replace them with something more solid/metal. They are kind of
>> cool in that
>> they are proper period levers with nice little spheres on the ends
>> and very
>> comfortable - but I wouldn't anything to happen. Were there other
>> mafac
>> levers or this type that were metal. I tried squezzing them pretty
>> hard
>> andnothing seemed to give. Any insights about these levers would be
>> appreciated.
>> BTW, if I got the itch to upgrade the cottered steel cranks to
>> something
>> cotterless/alloy - are there any special things to consider
>> besides finding
>> a french threaded BB. There's nothing really wrong with the steel
>> cranks
>> other than the pant guard is bent some and rubs the front
>> derailleur when
>> using the big ring - I can work on that. I had a Peugeot once
>> (late 80's
>> PY-10?)in my possesion that had a BB that was hell to get out. I'm
>> wondering
>> if that was a typical problem with them.
>> Thanks,
>> Roman Stankus
>> Atlanta, Ga. 30307
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>>> Bob,
>>> Congratulations on your eBay find! The bike looks very
>>> elegant and super clean, and for the price it's like finding
>>> it in the street. I'd guess you're probably close on the
>>> date. I don't know when Peugeot started going lug-less on
>>> their frames, but that should give some clue.
>>> I have a catalog from (I think) 1986 that I can check. One
>>> would think some former dealers out there could say right
>>> off. Maybe when it arrives you could provide some more
>>> details. I get weary of reading only about super expensive
>>> Italian stuff, and a little variety is quite welcome.
>>> John Hurley
>>> Austin, Texas USA