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I'm new to this stuff, but your post defending parting out of complete bikes intrigues me.? Whether or not you part out a bike depends upon your motivation to do so.? If you are motivated by making the most profit, then you would part out the bike.? If you are motivated by preservation (as many on this list are) then you would not part out a bike, except when that bike is not usable, or reparable as a complete bike.? That is where parts can and should come from.? Would that make the parts more difficult to find?? Yes, but then more bikes would be preserved in this way.

As for the racist accusation, well that is certainly a red herring to this argument isn't it.

Steve Shaw Millbury, MA

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Greetings all...

I have been following with interest the thread about whether it is "right" to part out a certain rare & valuable bike or not....1) The bike is the property of the seller; they can do with it as they please....our approval is not necessary or solicited. 2) The classic bike market is a rough way to make a living....I buy & sell complete bikes, off of e-Bay, Craigslist, and other venues- I have often found that the only way not to lose money on these transactions is to sell the parts separately from the frames. I do not 'make a living' off of these sales; I have a 'real' job at a local non-profit bike shop; the sales & trades I make basically pay for my own bike Jones. 3) Parting out a bike often serves the needs of a greater number of people, rather than selling the bike 'intact'. How many of us are in need of only a period piece or two, to complete a long-running resto project- but we see those pieces only available attached to a $2,000+ bike sale. Offering the parts separately enables a larger number of people to complete their projects more economically- what's wrong with that? For instance- I recently sold the wheels, crankset, and brakes from a pre-Raleigh 'Carlton Flyer' to list members. All the buyers were very happy with their purchase, as it allowed them to finish various projects; I was happy as their purchases allowed me to be able to afford to complete some of my own projects....and, finally - why the all the resentment & thinly-veiled racism directed towards our fellow enthusiasts from Japan? An inquiring mind wants to know...

Regards, Larry Myers Portland, OR,USA

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