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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 07:37:32 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]re: '57 Herse rando
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Jan, I understand the economics of the situation but I am in the camp that supports the bicycle, not the buck. Grant certainly knows of us CR members. The bike could have been offered to the list as a package deal. Grant avoids the ebay fees. If no takers, well then he made an attempt.

My .02

On 7/15/07 10:50 PM, "Jan Heine" <> wrote:
> Knowing how Grant operates, he disassembled these bikes for shipping
> over. He lost interest in bikes, and now faces the question of
> spending 2-4 days reassembling the bike, building wheels, etc., only
> to lose a couple of thousand dollars, and then having to ship a
> complete bike airfreight for hundreds of dollars, only to have the
> bike parted out by somebody else at the other end.
> If you love these bikes, it gets hard to sell them, because they are
> so hard to build and ship.
> On the other hand, that frame is next to useless without the racks
> and the 6-speed derailleur and the special rear hub... not to speak
> of the brakes.
> But try to sell a "kit" on e-bay, and you'll realize that the parts
> are worth more.
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