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I appreciate everyone's help in trying to determine the year of this bicy cle. Several have identified it to be 60's vintage. I miss identified as a much older model and the SN is 646XX CA. The bicycle is in bad shape, but if anyone is interested in it for parts and live in the San Diego area, it is yours for the taking. It is probabl y not worth shipping since there are better examples on eBay. Please contact me off line if interested in it. Regards, Scott Edrington Escondido CA,

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I'd guess that there is some mistake about the serial number / dating of this bike. I'd be more inclined to think it might be 1950s or even 1960s.

But as far as Raleigh and Huffy connections go, there are many. I once ha d a bike that I'd swear was the exact model that Scott is describing here. It was a Huffy badged, built by Raleigh 3-speed bike. It was basic black, ha d some nice-looking decals, great fenders - very classic. In the 60s, in addition to the Raleigh-built 3-speeds, Huffy sold some Carlton built bik es that were considerably nicer than most of the bikes with the Huffy name. In the 80s, Huffy bought the rights to the Raleigh name in the US. These wer e the Raleigh USA bikes some people might remember, and I think included th e "Technium" models that were bonded together using steel and/or aluminum, or perhaps combinations of the two.

Kyle Brooks Akron, OH

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> Subject: [CR]Mystery 1899/1900s Raleigh ???Huffy (On/Off topic?)
> I friend of mine brought over an old rusty bicycle he was throwing away
> nd I was disappointed that it had a Huffy name plate on it.If he had to ld
> me it was a Huffy, I would have told not to bother bringing it over; ho w
> ever, after looking at it a little more closely, it was not like any Hu ff
> y I have ever seen.
> The frame is a Raleigh and with a Serial Number that would indicate it wa
> s manufactured late 1899 or early 1900s according to Sheldon Brown???
> s website.
> It also appears to have been a 3 speed at one time but is missing some pa
> rts.
> The front sprocket has the letters R I N.Not sure what this stands for?
> The seat tube has logo that says Made for Huffy by Raleigh ???
> Also has a logo that says it is a Genuine English Light Weight.
> The head badge says Huffy in big letters but has an R in the lower righ t-
> hand corner.
> Is this the same Huffy that produced low end bicycle in the US?Sheldon Br
> own???s website mentions that Huffy sold Raleigh's under their name
> in the 1960???s but this one does not fit that era.
> Does anyone have any knowledge or information they would be willing to sh
> are about this bicycle? Can send pictures to anyone interested.
> Thanks,
> Scott Edrington
> San DiegoCA