[CR]Grand Bois 700C x 28 mm tires

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Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 12:12:06 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Grand Bois 700C x 28 mm tires

For 8 months, we have been offering Grand Bois Cypres 700C x 30 mm tires, which measure about 31 mm in actual width. These tires are fast and ultra-comfortable, but unfortunately, on many existing bikes, they simply don't fit.

Now I have a sample set of the new Grand Bois "Cerf" 700C x 28 mm, which I've been testing. These tires are super-light - at 248 grams, they are lighter than a 25 mm wide Michelin Pro2 Race (265 g) and only 10 grams heavier than a Vittoria Open CX Corsa 25 mm tire. Their comfort is better than anything I have ridden in that width.

Their size and feel is almost like a clincher version of the Clement Campionato del Mondo. If you have an old racing bike with clinchers, but want the feel of a really good tires, these are a good choice.

The Cerf 700C x 28 mm measures about 29 mm on my rims, but it fits nicely in the space that previously was occupied by a Rivendell Rolly-Poly. (The GB Cypres 700C x 30 mm did not fit without rubbing the fenders.)

The price is the same as the other Grand Bois tires. I am expecting 80 tires as my first allotment in a week or two, and I have set up our web site to accept orders. We'll charge your credit card once we have the tires and ship them immediately... I have ordered more, but have no confirmation yet when to expect them.


You may wonder why most Grand Bois tires run a bit wider than the stated size. The very supple casings expand more when you inflate them than expected. Even a big maker like Panaracer (who makes the tires for Grand Bois) apparently does not have much experience with this type of tires, so the final outcome is a bit a shot in the dark.

The Grand Bois "Cypres" 650B x 32 mm tires at first were 29 mm wide. When they changed to the supple casing of the "green label," the tires became 3 mm wider - using the same mold as before!

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