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Re: [CR]bb ball retainers Quoth Garth Libre:

I thought that the one place where ball

If you have a bottom bracket sleeve of some sort (and you ALWAYS

I just installed a brand new old

To my surprise there is a touch of

How many balls? A very few retainers have a full complement

It really isn't difficult to assemble a BB with loose balls.

Use Loose Balls

Most newer bicycles come with {quot}caged{quot} bearing

If your bottom bracket came with retainers holding fewer

The frame should be lying on its right side, with the

Set 11 balls into the adjustable cup. Drop the shorter end

Next, stick a finger up through the hole in the fixed cup

Then, pick up the spindle (with the adjustable cup already

Keep the spindle supported from below until the adjustable

Don't Mix Balls

Don't try to reuse some of the balls from your retainer-it

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