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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:52:17 -0500

... not at all. my older lbs fellow use to refer to these as "wheel wraps". have one or two in "euro plastic". wish i had a few more.
alex, va 22308

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> Here's a blast from the past for some of you Easterners. While
> looking for on topic goodies to help fund my up and coming (sometime)
> Bohemian, my bike shed regurgitated two pair of ancient (70's) wheel
> covers. Red rubberized cloth of some sort, black stripe down center,
> shop worn, some smudges, good elastic, perfectly functional and really
> look pretty good. Along the side: TURIN BICYCLE CO-OP CHICAGO.
> I have no clue what covers like these would go for so I'm putting
> them up for $25 per pair including shipping to see what happens. All 4,
> $45 including shipping. If it's a swinging deal, good for you; if it's
> highway robbery a gentle remonstance is all that's required.
> I also have this bizarre bottom bracket with spindle, cups,
> bearings, and a metal cylinder that the cups screw into. It reminds me
> of those Mavic assemblies that were meant for bottom brackets that had
> been stripped and it would probably work that way, but I have screwed
> the cups into a regular bottom bracket and they work just fine
> (English). The spindle is long enough for a double chainring. Oh and
> it's cottered and looks to be new. $25 including shipping.
> Craig Montgomery in Tucson
> The wheel covers must have been a good deal, or struck a chord of
> nostalgia because they were gone in a bunny fart (poot). The BB assembly
> is still available.
> Craig Montgomery still in Tucson