Re: [CR]Cyclo Sport derailleur--Lefty???

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Subject: Re: [CR]Cyclo Sport derailleur--Lefty???
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 19:58:48 -0500

... have an old circus poster around here somewhere. trick riders use to ride fixed on either side. this one shows a rider with the chain ring on the left side. from what i recall, this arrangement may not be that uncommon with a changer. ... all the best to you, Greg, Jim and Susan
alex, va 22308

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Subject: [CR]Cyclo Sport derailleur--Lefty???

> Came across this derailleur today. Look closely at the hanger:
> (NOT photoshopped, I promise.)
> Is this the Rarest of the Rare: Left-hand drive? Or is it for a
> rear-facing
> dropout? The hanger is a mirror image of standard hangers, and not just
> installed wrong.
> I'm hoping it's a lefty. Then all I would have to do is find a left-hand
> 3-speed freewheel.
> Greg Reiche
> CyclArt
> Vista, CA USA
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