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Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 20:08:55 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Re: Classicrendezvous Digest, Vol 55, Issue 59

I guess I'm a bit confused as well. Made my way to the vintage category as usually and everything seemed to be there. I was able to sort by newly listed and see what popped up for the day. Would be curious to know how you go about your search and how it's different than before.

Sean Flores Santa Monica (for the next 3 days), CA

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> Subject: [CR]Change in Ebay "Vintage" category
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> Has anyone else on the list noticed the changes made to the Vintage
> category on Ebay. Now you have to hunt around for specific parts and,
> seemingly, can no longer troll the newly listed items to see if there is
> something of interest. Seems like a disaster to me adding huge amounts
> of time and energy to any search. I did a live chat with a rep earlier
> and indeed, it appears, that they have made changes. I think we need to
> register our anger at just another Ebay gaff.
> Edward Albert
> Chappaqua, NY, USA