AW: [CR]Only Light Titanium stuff...made by Roto?

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Subject: AW: [CR]Only Light Titanium stuff...made by Roto?
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 19:25:15 +0200
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I have a set of aluminium bolts and nuts for record brakes and even a kit of two alloy bolts and the fitting round counterpieces for a two bolt campy seat post on my 72 Chesini. These were made by FT also of Bologna (or Milano, i am not sure about the city): I got them via ebay from a guy in the netherlands. I have also seen a set of QR-skewers made by FT and promoted as being made of titanium... So there were a couple of companies around for these parts....

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Subject: [CR]Only Light Titanium stuff...made by Roto?

Tom wrote:
> I just got some Titanium nuts and bolts that seem to be for Super
> Record components. They were made by a company called Only Light ( or
> perhaps this
> like a model name...Roto is also on the green and white boxes). They
> were made in Bologna and there is also on the box "Vite bloccagio
> sella". Anyone
> heard of these folks?

Bologna has long been a manufacturing center for screw machine and CNC machining of aluminum and titanium parts for many different industries including the bicycle industry. My distributing company imported Roto and Cobra lightweight parts from Bologna in the 1980's. OMAS parts also came from the Bologna area.

Hugh Enox