Re: [CR]Change in Ebay "Vintage" category

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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 14:54:56 -0400
From: "Edward Albert" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Change in Ebay "Vintage" category

John, There has been so much talk about this on the list so I thought I must respond. It is not just Vintage that has changed but the whole look of listings. This happened in the last day or so. I was told in a live email help "session" that, indeed, Ebay was doing a number of changes including categories. In fact, at the top of "my ebay" page I have a message that reads "Sneak Peek: See what's in the works at eBay." I have no idea if this is only happening in test markets, if it a Beta version that they are getting the kinks out of or what, but I will tell you exactly what does happen. If, as I often do, I click on an item listed under vintage, then at the top of the page is the list of categories from cycling down to vintage under which the item was listed. If I were, in the past, to click on Vintage then I would be taken to the entire vintage category where I could browse items anyway I wished; by time listed, price, etc. When I click on that vintage button now I get taken to a page that lists ALL cycling related items 30,000 + items. Then I have to hunt and peck to find the Vintage category. And, the vintage category I do get to lists more than what we usually were expecting to find including BMX, etc. Anyway this is what I am experiencing now. I hope this helps explain my first post. Edward Albert Chappaqua, NY, USA

>>> 07/18/07 12:54 PM >>> Edward Albert wrote:
> Has anyone else on the list noticed the changes made to the Vintage
> category on Ebay. Now you have to hunt around for specific parts and,
> seemingly, can no longer troll the newly listed items to see if there is
> something of interest. Seems like a disaster to me adding huge amounts
> of time and energy to any search. I did a live chat with a rep earlier
> and indeed, it appears, that they have made changes. I think we need to
> register our anger at just another Ebay gaff.

I'm not seeing this problem on eBay USA. Perhaps it's a cookie problem? Or have you changed any security settings on your browser?


-John Thompson (
Appleton WI USA