Re: [CR]history rewritten on Versus TV (some Off-Topic material)

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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 14:54:19 -0600
From: "Mitch Harris" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]history rewritten on Versus TV (some Off-Topic material)
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On 7/20/07, <> wrote:
> I saw that segment during the Versus TV Tour coverage, and I wondered what
> other people thought of the list of the "top 5 innovations" in the Tour
> (and racing in general, I suppose). The list was as follows:
> 5 - rider/team car race radios
> 4 - clipless pedals
> 3 - team "follow" cars
> 2 - integrated brake/shift levers
> 1 - the derailluer

This thread may be off-topic but I proceed with caution. The standard might be: does the "innovation" make possible something that wasn't possible before--changing the race in kind rather than in degree. (The second question would be whether that thing made possible is a good thing or not.)

5- arguably makes many tactical choices possible by providing info that might not be available. 4- from my point of view there is nothing possible with clipless that you couldn't do with cleats/clips/straps. Some may prefer them for comforts reasons (I don't, and have ridden both ways a lot) but that doesn't mean they've changed the Tour. 3- if you mean the change from self-supported Touring then it changes the race a lot. 2- The only things this makes possible is one minor one: shifting while standing during a climb, and one major one: changing from cog to cog during an all out sprint. 1- I want to say this made possible the inclusion of the high mountain stages and the multiple pass stages, but I know there were mountains in the Tour ridden before multiple gears, so some may feel it is a change in degree rather than in kind.

So here's my order for the items you offered, omitting clipless pedals: 4 - integrated brake/shift levers 5 - rider/team car race radios 3 - team "follow" cars 1 - the derailluer

Mitch Harris
Little Rock Canyon, Ut