Re: [CR]Using cheap Marine bearing grease and other Jobst Brandt ideas

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Subject: Re: [CR]Using cheap Marine bearing grease and other Jobst Brandt ideas
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 20:09:37 -0400

I understood that as the as the grade went up the tolerances became tighter. Campagnolo further matched sets. . . Urban legend?

I do know that whatever I repack seems to be smoother with a better grade of bearing.

I use high speed waterproof grease on the bb and hubs;-)

White lithium on cables, bolts and headsets.

Howard Darr
Clymer PA 15728

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Subject: [CR]Using cheap Marine bearing grease and other Jobst Brandt ideas

>A google search of Jobst Brandt's curmudgeon type ideas present some very
>interesting concepts. Some of these are new to me.
> Jobst Brandt feels that regular grade 25 ball bearings are good enough in
> a bicycle cup and cone bearing situation. Campagnolo's overpriced matched
> bearing marketing of the same grade of bearings he believes is overkill.
> He says this because he believes the ball bearing is not the weak link ...
> it's the cups and cones. Ceramic bearings would also be overkill. A quick
> search reveals that all the common sizes of grade 25 ball bearings used in
> bicycle work are available from Loose Screws for $22 in an assortment
> package. This includes a plastic divider box and 100 of each of the most
> common 5 sizes (500 bearings total). This appears to be about the cheapest
> price available anywhere for bicycle work.
> Jobst also states that Marine grade bearing grease available at auto
> parts, Home Depot, Marine stores, and monster stores is about the best
> grease and the best value around. He believes that Phill Woods and other
> specialty greases are overpriced and offer no advantages. He is however
> against Lithium greases which resemble the old problematical Campy or
> French greases. These he says break down, and I guess everyone has noticed
> that old Campy grease did do exactly that.
> Presented to all of those that are not familiar with J. Brandt and might
> benefit as I did from this information.
> Garth Libre in Miami Fl. USA