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From: ray green <>
To: "Bill Mattinson" <>
Subject: Re: Re: [CR]Jan Heine PBP
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 1:03:25 +0100

Woops! My only defence is that it is 1.00am here in the UK but I'm not sure that explains how I missed that handlebar bag. At least Jan will be in bed now, think of those poor buggers still out on the road for the third night with another still to do! The weather here on the south coast of England has been crap since Monday and I suspect it was the same in France so maybe Jan needed those big alloy mudguards. Ray Green, Brighton, Sussex
> From: "Bill Mattinson" <>
> Date: 2007/08/23 Thu AM 12:48:48 BST
> To: "ray green" <>
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> Subject: Re: [CR]Jan Heine PBP
> I saw a large front bag on his bike in the photo at the start line....
> That's what I saw him use on the Cascade 1200.
> Bill Mattinson
> Sonoma County, CA
> PBP '03 but not this year
> On 8/22/07, ray green <> wrote:
> >
> > Firstly let me say that a fifty hour ride is fantastic but Mr Silver
> > says:-
> > <He's the first American finisher of PBP, in about 50 hours. I guess that
> > he may also be the first unsupported finisher.>
> > I would say that if Jan was unsupported he must have big pockets in that
> > racing jersey as he is not carrying a thing on his bike.
> > Ray Green (ancienPBP) Brighton Sussex