[CR]RE; What pray is a Carlton Criterium?

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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 10:13:58 -0400
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Subject: [CR]RE; What pray is a Carlton Criterium?


One of these:-


No disrespect to anyone - but I used to sell these things wholesale out of a trade warehouse in Oxford?and they were typical of Raleigh's late-1970s?pseudo-racer clunkers. Gaspipe tubing, crude lugwork and second-line Japanese accessories. The rear DR was one of those Sun Tour horrors where the mech worked the 'wrong' way round...

In a fit of nostalgic insanity I bought a second hand Criterium a few years back at a cycle jumble, regretted it immediately and rescued only the Sun Tour ratchet levers (nice) and the h'bars (OK). I threw the rest away and cut the frame up to use as torque bars in the workshop!

For some bizarre reason even the forks were odd in that they used Phillips threading and so would not accept standard thread headsets (naturally).

Ian Briggs LUTON, Bedfordshire, UK.