Re: [CR]Tricks I Never Learned #1 - Applying Liquid Latex

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Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 17:18:50 -0400
From: "Edward Albert" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Tricks I Never Learned #1 - Applying Liquid Latex

Aldo, Two solutions (pun intended). 1. Use ammonia. It can be used to thin old tire life too.(I think that is what they advise) or 2. Get the cheapest brushes you can find and throw em out. The black thick bristle ones with aluminum handles work well and I think originally came with the bottles to tire life. I find that easier, however wasteful. Eddie Albert Chappaqua, NY, USA
>>> "Aldo Ross" <> 08/26/07 5:11 PM >>> One thing I've always had trouble with - finding the right tool for applying Jevelot "Tire Life" to tubular sidewalls. I've tried using a brush a few times, but it always clogged-up before the job was complete,

and I never found a way to remove the latex from the brush.

For the past couple of decades I've used cotton swabs, but is there a better way? And what do I do with these 60 or 70 clogged brushes?

Aldo Ross
Middletown, Ohio