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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 05:39:05 GMT
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There you go! I do remember that the neon paint thing was just beginning . Fortunately that trend didn't last very long. The neon toner was hard to find at the time and we were worried about its colorfastness. Had to order the stuff from hotshot Hollywood custom car guy (Sid something). A ppears it was OK. Dig the matching pump.

Back in 1989 or so I ran into a guy who had a Baylis track frame that or iginally belonged to me (built in 1979) that he wanted to part with. He bought it for his girlfriend who ended up not getting into track racing. The bike had been through a few hands and did have a spotted paint job similar to the pink bike, but was completely different colors. I bought the frame that my friend had stashed in his closet for $400. I immediate ly repainted it Candy pearl maroon with black lugs and a smidgen of neon pink in the decals. I still have it. Also in my collection of stuff fro m the past are two custom made skinsuits. One of them matched a track bi ke I painted by splitting the bike down the middle. One side had black l ugs with the background of the tubes in pearl white with small (1/2") bl ack dots on it. The other side of the bike was pearl white lugs with the background in black with pearl white dots. The concept was that as the bike went around the track the audience would see a bike that changed co lor depending on which side of the track I was on. The skinsuit was made in quarters; split at the shorts and then in half in opposites, like th e bike. I think the bike is still out there somewhere and I heard that t he last sighting was it hung in the window of a bike shop in Bishop, CA. That has been a number of years. I wonder where that bike is? It's a sm all track bike, in case anyone knows where it is. That would be one of t he bikes I painted to match clothing of the period.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA I expect this trend will not come back, thankfully.

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You Know; Pink is the new Black. Cheers! James Valiensi Northridge, CA

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>You know, that pink Brian Baylis frameset on eBay would be
>easy to accessorize...


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