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Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 14:39:58 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Rob Roberson frame in San Diego


Gary, the owner had it built in 1981. Gary worked at a number of bike sh ops here in San Diego during that period. He said the bike is very stabl e with a light load, since it is a bike for just that purpose. I'll see if Rob has anything to add. I'll try to stop by JB's this afternoon and see if Rob is there. If not, I'll call him at home and visit him there. It's all within 2 miles of my house.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- "David G. White" wrote:


It would be great to hear what Rob has to say about the frame (year

made, among other things) if you have a chance to speak with him.

Many thanks for taking time out of your busy day to buy this for me. I

really appreciate it!

Kind Regards,


David G. White Burlington, VT wrote:
> Jay,
> It's all taken care of. I already bought the frame for David. I may as k
> Rob what he can tell us about it; but it would have taken Rob some tim e
> to get to it. It appears to be a Columbus SP frame with Bocama lugs an d
> a Cinelli semi sloping crown. Still has original paint, done by Cyclar t.
> Light pearl blue. Stainless steel "R" on the headtube for identificat io
> n.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> -- Jay Sexton <> wrote:
> Why not have Rob check it out? He lives in San Diego.
> Jay Sexton
> Sebastopol, CA
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> I've got a lead on a Rob Roberson frame in my (very tall) size in San

> Diego. Is there a CR list member who'd be willing to check it out for

> me, take some photos and maybe help arrange for shipping to Vermont if
> buy it?
> Thanks,
> David
> David G. White
> Burlington, VT