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Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 19:40:30 +0100
From: Hilary Stone <>
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That is perfectly correct for 1973 - the G prefix indicates either 1972 or 1973 depending on who you believe and was used on the high end Raleigh/Carltons made in Worksop. There were lower end Raleigh/Carlton racers also made in Worksop that used the main Raleigh numbering system. I would guess that the letter prefixes used on a yearly basis at Worksop maybe applied to a model year - October to October or something like. 1974 presents more a problem as H and A prefixes are common and the first of the W series numbers also starts, but certainly some would argue that H applies to 1973 built frames.

Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

William Crouch wrote:
> Jerry Crouch
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>> Date: 8/4/2007 2:18:31 PM
>> Subject: Team Raleigh
>> I have read the thread on this subject with interest; however, the
> markings on my Raleigh do not fit the pattern described in the Raleigh memo
> on Steve Birmingham's message of 8/3/07.
>> I am the original owner of a Raleigh International that I ordered from a
> shop in Minneapolis in 1973. I have the 1973 Raleigh catalog, together
> with a separate price list, printed on a card and dated April 26, 1973.
> In the catalog the International is described as being built in the Carlton
> works, and I am certain that my bicycle originally had a small decal near
> the bottom of the seatpost indicating it was built in Carlton.
>> My International has the serial number G4380 stamped on the bottom
> bracket shell running parallel to the plane of the chain rings near the
> fixed cup. Also stamped in the center of the shell are what appear to
> be two T's with the stems likewise parallel to the plane of the chair rings.
>> I don't know whether all this information is significant, but thought it
> might be of some interest to those interested in Raleighs.
>> Jerry Crouch
>> Lexington, Kentucky 40502
>> 859-266-6419