[CR]How Old is too Old? - Using Your Vintage Lightweight

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: Jay Fichialos <quadmod@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 16:15:10 -0500
Subject: [CR]How Old is too Old? - Using Your Vintage Lightweight

I\u2019m new to the list but I\u2019m thoroughly enjoying the discussion.

Byway of introduction I\u2019m a avid commuter and ride my steel (but OT)

Bianchi to work everyday rain or shine. People ask \u201cHow do you do that everyday?\u201d I tell them it\u2019s easy I sold my car, I don\u2019t have a choice :) and recently with the help of Southwest Frameworks and Trinity Bicycles in Dallas, I finished rebuilding the first bike I ever bought, an early 80\u2019s Fuji Saratoga touring machine with no special lineage but lots of sentimental value. All ready to go on an extended tour.

I do have a newbie question for the group about using these great old

bikes. Is there an age where the costs and rarity of the bike makes actually using it on a regular basis out of the question.

In years past I\u2019ve restored and refurbished a number of old Vespa and

Lambretta motor scooters and there was a pretty clear date (1959) when the difficulty and cost of finding parts for machines older than

this, made their regular use pretty expensive. It\u2019s not that they\u2019re

not fully functional, but more the thought that if this part breaks or that part wears out, the cost and time required to find a replacement just isn\u2019t worth it.

I would imagine there\u2019s a similar cut-off date with vintage lightweights as well. And I\u2019d be interested to hear thoughts on if such a date exists for bicycles and the reason why.

I ask in part because I\u2019m actually looking for an old lightweight I

can ride ALOT\u2026 on brevets, on club rides and thanks to a perfectly timed business trip, to hopefully ride at L\u2019 Eroica this year. I know I\u2019d like something pre 1980 but is there a too old? If anyone on

the list is thinking about thinning the herd or has suggestions on where I can find a vintage Italian 53-54 ctc\u2026 do let me know.


Jay Fichialos Keller, Texas, USA (just north of Fort Worth)